Black Onyx & Lampwork Necklace


Creative necklace made of handmade lampwork beads in black & cream with various shapes of faceted & smooth onyx and finished with a beautiful sterling silver filigree clasp. The necklace measures 18″.

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About lampwork beads – each of these glass beads is one of a kind. Lampwork is the ancient technique of using a flame to melt glass (at one time accomplished using oil lamps, hence the name). Artists wind the molten glass around a steel mandrel; then, while still working the glass in and near the flame, the artists use various hand tools or metal molds to shape the bead. They finish by embellishing the beads with additional glass colors.

In jewelry as in fashion, colors against a background of black, and black and silver always look right.In fine sterling silver jewelry, the backdrop is often supplied by onyx, a black quartz with a fine texture.

Black onyx shines especially well when used in sterling silver jewelry.So, if you need to add a little black magic to your sterling silver jewelry collection, try some ONYX!


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