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The jewelry design artistry of Marilyn Weller is well-known to her coterie of well-heeled women clients, who recognize and appreciate exceptionally fine quality and workmanship in her line of timeless handcrafted gem stone jewelry. These are one-of-a kind and limited edition designs of wearable art for women. Marilyn Weller Jewelry Designs of unique beaded jewelry are featured at selected boutiques around the U.S.

Weller, a veteran of the color and design fields, also has a custom line of hand-loomed knit fashions, but it’s her handcrafted gemstone jewelry that serves as her special artistic inspiration. “I love the integration of stone color and shape, design complexity and texture,” says the chic artist, who normally eschews the media spotlight and lets her jewelry telegraph her talent. Marilyn Weller designs jewelry using semi-precious gemstones, metals, and other organic and non-organic materials.

She uses an amazing palette of gem stone colors, shapes and sizes to create jewelry pieces with the perfect balance of color, shape, sparkle, texture, scale and length for her unique jewelry designs.

Weller designs unique beaded jewelry with real women in mind. Marilyn Weller focuses on the color of eyes, hair and skin when designing for her Just For You™ clients making the design an inherent piece that goes with everything in their wardrobe. She masterfully creates wearable art for women. See the self-help Guide to Selecting Flattering Jewelry on her website.

A long-time Marin County, California resident and owner of Trends in Personal Style, Weller holds a master’s degree and serves on the board of directors of two prestigious professional organizations, Colour Designers International (CDI) and Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), where she was recently honored with the Chapter Member of the Year Award at their International Convention held in San Francisco.



Premier jewelry designer, Marilyn Weller, well known for her upscale line of custom handcrafted jewelry sold exclusively to her wholesale boutique and gallery clientele across the country, has designed a line of handcrafted gem stone jewelry for her customers that may not have access to these specialty boutiques. RegMar Jewelry presents a collection of designer gem stone jewelry…necklaces, braceletsand earrings; beautifully handcrafted jewelry using semi-precious gemstones, metals, and other organic and non-organic materials, including pearls, glass, wood, lava, bone, resins,Mother of Pearl, agate,amazonite, aventurine,amber,amethyst, blue lace agate, carnelian, jasper, lapis, mookite, onyx,freshwater pearls, silver, smokey topaz, turquoise,coral, malachite, etc. Marilyn loves the creation process and this is where her true talent begins. She seeks out the unusual and rare for her stunning unique beaded jewelry designs. Most of her jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind or available in very limited editions. Marilyn designs hand made jewelry for the discriminating woman, a woman who wants to love what she wears and values the artistic individuality of handcrafted gem stone jewelry

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This designer jewelry is inspired by gemstones found throughout the world in an amazing array of color.  These brilliant semi precious gem stones are the medium of color for the jewelry designer’s handmade beaded jewelry.  The necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by these amazing gemstones create a truly unique piece of wearable art.  The gem stones vary in their inherent color and purity creating a uniqueness in every piece of jewellry created.  The semi-precious jewelry is accented with sterling silver and vermeil.  The jewelry designer combines color, shape, sparkle, texture, scale and length for design complexity in creating each of these beaded jewelry designs.  All necklaces are a distinctive combination of stones that can encompass numerous gemstones in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors.  These beaded handcrafted jewelry pieces are distinctly different from trendy department store jewelry.  You’ll be making an investment in handmade jewelry that you will want to wear for years.  Marilyn Weller is truly a one-of-a-kind wearable art jewelry designer.

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